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Address:Shuguang Village Industrial Park, Yu Qi Street, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

   About Anole

   Anole is different from other companies for our engineers are all from dyeing factory.Most of them were frontline workers with many operating experiences.They are all familar with the machine operation, the dyeing processing and the production management.In other words,we manufacture dyeing jiggers from customer sides.Since 1997, Anole has developed from an imported dyeing jigger maintenance service department to a professional dyeing jigger manufacturer in China, step by step.Specializing and profession in dyeing jigger,Anole always put technology,service and customer on the first.For the past years experience and research for dyeing jiggers,Anole keep updating new technology for machines.Anole are working hard to be one professional dyeing jigger manufacturer which also providing new technology.

In China,Anole has sold more than 3500 sets dual frequency conversion dyeing jiggers to many dyeing companies.In response to market changes, our large customer base yearly offers lots of rational proposals and requirements which are timely applied by Anole, as a technology development enterprise, to machine software and hardware upgrading. As a result, Anole machine is far ahead of domestic competitive in terms of technical performance.

Advantages about Anole Dyeing Jiggers

1.Applicable for low tension running without fluctuation,can dyeing stretch fabric.

2.New scraper and swing frame system,patent(Patent no.:CN209669508U).

3.Effectively reduce the fabric color difference from middle to sides.(Use 5mm radian scraper)

4.Automatic dyeing tank level control.(reducing the fabric head-tail color difference)

5.Automatic process running(store 99 different processing)

6.Reduce fabric color difference from one jigger to the next one,increase the efficiency

7.Save more labor(One worker can operate four and more jiggers)

8.Steady dyeing liquid-ratio,Small fluctuation.

9.Dual invert control,save power(if using servo control system,save 20% more)

10.Apply famous brand,steady running and low failure rate.

11.Tank and door uses 304 stainless steel,long life.

12.Level control of the tank bottom,more steady liquid-ratio.

13.Patent design about the main roller temperature control,effectively reduce the fabric head-rail color difference.

14.Patent impeller system,better for the dyeing cycling in the machine.

15.Servo control system,increase the control precision.